We have great news for you! One of three Sleep Consultants in Poland certified by the American The Family Sleep Institute has joined our team! If your baby suffers from sleeping troubles or you would like to know how to shape good sleeping habits from the beginning, you’ve come to the right place!

“I believe that every baby can learn how to sleep well, which makes life of the whole family better. Healthy sleep is key! 

Monika Huntjens, Certified Sleep Consultant prepared a great offer for You.

Would you like to know more about Monika and her methods? We encourage you to read a very interesting article that has been recently published on baby by Ann blog. Monika tells about her, her family and most of all, about her job as Sleep Consultant. We love it 😍!

See below 3 great offers that Monika has prepared especially for you!


Dedicated to newborn parents who would like to get extensive knowledge about baby's sleep in the first 12 weeks of life. Monika has prepared a special 2-hour workshop held at your home. Monika is an expert in this field and she bases her knowledge only on most recent scientific research. During the meeting she will tell you about:
- baby's sleep during the first 3 months of life
- factors contributing to baby's sleep quality
- newborn's safety during sleeping
- swaddling and soothing your baby
- shaping good sleeping habits
- preparing for sleep deterioration coming in the next months of life.

Cost of 2-hours consultation within Warsaw area: 499 PLN.

when problems arise - consultation and strategy planning

If your baby suffers from sleep troubles, Monika will surely resolve them. The first phone consultation, during which Monika will ask about basic information on the problem, is free of charge - contact us if you would like to schedule one!

Cost of a comprehensive consultation, including an individual strategy (please see the schema below) is 399 PLN when using a video-conference and 499 PLN in case of a home visit (Warsaw area).



Monika will inquire about your situation and will ask you to fill out a questionnaire. The consultation lasts around 20 minutes and you can schedule one free of charge. 



Sleep questionnaire analysis and preparation of a personalized strategy for resolving the “sleeping challenges”.



Detailed explanation of the strategy and preparations to sleep training  during a 90-minutes video-conference or a 120-minutes home visit, that is everything you need to start doing as soon as possible!



You will get a  guide – great source of information about sleep,  tailored to your baby’s age!

If you need it, you can also benefit from a 2 weeks programme, during which Monika will support you in implementing the strategy for resolving your baby’s sleep problems – details below!

Additional 2-weeks support programme

If you feel more comfortable with additional expert support when implementing the strategy for resolving the sleep troubles, Monika will gladly help you. Her support includes:
- phone calls to clarify and address all doubts, obstacles or problems
- possibility to contact Monika at all times in a most convenient form (phone/ sms / Messanger etc.)
- guarantee: if the sleep problem remains unresolved after 2 weeks, Monika will work with you as long as it will be needed to resolve it.

Cost of the support programme is 499 PLN.

Book today
and sleep well

Workshop for newborn parents: 499 PLN 

Consultation and custom strategy for parents of babies with sleep troubles: 399/499 PLN

2-week support programme during resolving sleep troubles: 499 PLN

MOnika huntjens

Certified Sleep Consultant. Graduated from Political Science and Business in Psychology, currently running a practice as Sleep Consultant certified by The Family Sleep Institute based in New York, an institution that sets standards in this field worldwide. Mum of 4-year old twins, who undoubtedly contributed to her interest in baby’s sleep topic and discovering a new mission in her life: to educate and support families who face sleep troubles with their children.

I am absolutely delighted about the knowledge and support we have received from Monika with regards to baby's sleep. After few days of working together, we have noticed an improvement in our life's comfort, but amongst all, thanks to longer sleep periods, our baby's body is regenerating better and she has even more energy and great apetite. It has been few weeks already, but I still cannot believe how quickly we trained our baby to sleep better. In just few days, we have gone from 5 night feeds to 0! Pure magic for me:-)
When I came across an article about Monika's job, I wanted to consult her right away. Maybe it will sound a bit effusive but Monika changed my family's life. Really. We have two children and our second happiness was waking up even 7 times a night for 8 months! We all suffered because of it - me, my husband and my second child, for who I didn't have time nor strength. And today my Rose is falling asleep in 5 minutes, wakes up for feeding 2 times a night and her older brother picks up more books from library because his mother has time to read them to him. I honestly recommend her!
Monika's programme and advices are priceless. We are just now at our holidays. Our yearly daughter is asleep for an hour already and we are getting some rest. And one of her advices work here very well - it is the best when the baby sleeps in a travel cot even at home - then there is no problem to fall asleep anywhere. Thank you!