Would you like to make your baby feel safe? Would you like to positively influence its motor development and make crawling or seating easier? Or maybe you would like to soothe a colic baby? Learn Shantala Massage! 

Shantala Massage is a relaxation massage, which main goal is to strengthen bonding between parent and baby through touching. The need for closeness through touching is very strong in case of little babies and massage can meet it.

Our offer - 3 workshops with certified instructor

3 workshop-like meetings are the recommended way for learning the Shantala Massage. During those meetings, you will learn step by step how to perform Shantala Massage correctly. You are the closest people for your baby and you will be the ones doing the massage starting from the first workshop.



We do chest and hands massage



We learn belly and legs massage



We practice shoulder and face massage


If you need it, we will offer additional,
fourth workshop

Book today and enjoy moments od closeness

3 workshops including all materials and transport in Warsaw area at 449 PLN. We guarantee that after 3 meetings you will feel good and safe with your Shantala Massage skills. If not, the fourth, additional meeting will be offered to you free of charge.

photo by Ewa Sądowska


Marta Młocka, midwife, certified Instructor of Polish School of Shantala Massage. She is interested in psychology, pedagogy and travelling. Loved by mums – see their opinions below!

Marta taught me Shantala Massage, which turned out to be very helpful in the first months of my daughter's life. During our sequential meetings, Marta was showing me stages of the massage, explaining everything as many times as I needed it. By our last workshop I was able to do the whole body massage by myself.  Marta's patience and  openness during the process of learning let me feel confident and  I quickly started to enjoy the new form of spending time together with my daughter.
Zoja's Mum
Marta explained with patience the idea and techniques of the massage. She took in the account baby's character and mood. I felt comfortable asking her questions and giving massage to my baby. Thank you very much for contact and care after the workshops. I wish I had learned and been doing the massage with my first and second baby starting from the newborn age, however, we are catching up now.
Kajtek's, Łucja's & Klara's Mum
Marta's Shantala massage training turned out to be a very good solution for our daughter. In the course of few weeks, during which we had workshops with Marta, she taught me, with her calm, professionalism and consistent engagement, how to massage and nurse my 3 months old daughter. Thanks to the massage, it was easier to understand baby's needs and thereby, we learned how to solve more difficult situations (very common for fresh parents) with calm. I can recommend Marta's training and support during first months of baby's life with confidence.
Julia's Mum