Hi!😊 I am a mother of Ed, who is almost 1,5 years now, I live in Warsaw, Wilanów district, and my adventure with NocnaNiania.pl has started quite recently and quite unexpectedly. I haven’t exactly been thinking about changing a plan set long time ago (probably not too original one): a yearly maternity leave and then coming back to my previous job. I admit, I was a bit impatient to changing the envirionment and going back to work – maybe this impatience motivated me to action? Maybe yes, maybe not, but the truth is that my main inspiration to start this company was a movie called ‘Tully”. And this will not come as a surprise for those who have seen it. It was thanks to this movie that I learned about night nanny services existing somewhere in the world.  

After going back from the cinema, somehow impulsively, I checked whether night nanny services are present in Poland. It turned out that we don’t have them in Poland but they do exist in US, Holland or UK since a couple of years already. 5 minutes later, I bought nocnaniania.pl domain 😊.

I am a fresh mother myself and I know how difficult the first days
after childbirth, or actually months, can be. I thought, a night’s sleep is priceless in this period. But at the same time, a doubt came into my mind – would I be able to let somebody else take care of my baby? The answer was simple: yes, if this would be a person I can trust, that has adequate experience and qualifications, that will be my support in case I have questions related to nursing or my baby’s development. Who could that be? Of course, a midwife. A midwife, who works with newborns every day, who knows their problems like nobody else and knows how to handle them. And here, Beata Kołodziejczyk appears in the story. Invaluable, unique midwife, loved by all mums who have had a contact with her 😊.

Beata Kołodziejczyk has been working in my district as a midwife since almost 10 years now, she worked in the best Warsaw hospitals, she is a Certified Lactation Consultant, she has doula experience with hospital childbirths, she runs antenatal classes and most of all, she knows problems and needs of fresh mothers like nobody else.

Beata not only agreed to meet with me, but after a short introduction to my idea, she pushed me to go further with it. She confirmed my assumptions that a night nanny service is a needed one and she decided to join this undertaking. In our team, she is responsible for substantive support and selection and training of our midwives.

Few weeks later (weeks full of an intensive work of course) and here we are 😊. Ready to offer you, fresh parents, a high quality night nanny professional service – that is, night care for your babies by midwives only. We invite you to give us a try!

Asia & Beata

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