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Beginnings of breastfeeding are never easy. We are here to support you from the start and help you in overcoming any difficulties.

When breastfeeding

If you encounter a more difficult moment during your breastfeeding journey (such as problems with statis, nipples or breast refusal), we are here, at your service.

At the end

If you would like to know, how to go through the weaning process smoothly and gently, you are at the right place.

Best Consultants

We colaborate with Certified Lactation Consultants with highest ratings only. Check out below, who we work with.

as soon as possible

Breastfeeding problems need to be resolved quickly. If you need an urgent visit, we will organize it in 24 hours. Contact us and we will take care of the rest.

Fixed price

Price of the visit in Warsaw (including transport) is 299 PLN. Vistit's duration will be adjusted to your needs (usually it takes around 2 hours).

Order today and overcome any difficulty

Lactation Consultant visit at 299 PLN in Warsaw (including transport) 

Beata Kołodziejczyk

Midwife with many years experience, Certified Lactation Consultant, she runs antenatal classes and works in Warsaw hospitals as lactation consultant. Medical Univeristy of Warsaw graduate. Provides general substantive support for NocnaNiania.pl. Loved and acknowledged by mums. 

Testimonials from ZnanyLekarz.pl:

I gave birth to my daugther 2 weeks ago in Solec hospital. If it wasn't for Beata, who helped us there, I would probably have not breastfed at all. Invaluable support in terms of lactation, breastfeeding and in everything in general, which I am grateful for and I can recommend her services to other mums with all my heart.


I met Beata few days after my son had been born in Solec hospital. Very competent person, with fresh view on topics related to breastfeeding among others. With calm, she fully answered all questions of unexperienced and a little bit lost fresh mum :).


I met her on a home visit. She is a midwife that had worked in Saint Sophie hospital in Warsaw before. She is also a lactaction consultant. She has current lactation knowledge, as well as impecable social competences. I think that any mum that needs support within the first weeks after childbirth, will benefit from meeting her. What is important - she has an up-to-date insight into lactation topics (at least in terms of the scope that I have experienced) and one can trust her with it. 


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