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Nocna Niania szczególnie się przyda jeśli:

Your first baby has just been born

You are a parent of twins

You have another small child that requires a lot of attention too

You feel like having a day full of energy with the new family member

You work a lot

Your family lives far away

Newborn care fatigue starts to overwhelm you

You have experienced a difficult childbirth

Your child struggles with health problems

Hiring a Night Nanny is a unique opportunity for fresh parents to enjoy the first moments as a new family. The Night Nanny not only will allow you to sleep through the night and re-charge your batteries for next day, but also, she will help you with creating good sleep habits and will offer you support in any newborn problems you may encounter during the day. Every Night Nanny we are working with will take care both of you and your baby at night. She will:

  1. bathe your baby
  2. change his/her diapers
  3. feed the baby or, if breastfed, will bring the baby to its mum
  4. burp, sooth and resettle your baby to sleep
  5. help in creating good sleep habits
  6. clean and sterilize pumping and feeding equipment
  7. dress the baby in the morning and will pass it to their well-rested parents!

Additionally, each Night Nanny, being a midwife, will answer any of your doubts related to baby’s development, newborn problems or breastfeeding (for example will help you with adopting a correct position).

Our Night Nanny service will be available as long and as frequently you will need it. Few nights, weeks, or months – it’s up to you. Our standard night hours are 21:00-07:00 but we can modify them if you need us to.

Why us?

NocnaNiania.pl to wykwalifikowany zespół połóżnych, którym możesz zaufać


Qualified staff only

Newborns and sleep are our sepcialty! Our midwives' support and knowledge are the best start for you and your little one!



We are here for You

We will answer any inquiry with highest care, as soon as it will be possible but not later than 24 hours since its arrival.



We will tailor our service to your needs

We treat all families with individual care. We will find you a perfect midwife and prepare an offer fit to your needs.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers

Gift of happy moments

You can offer our services as a gift! It will be an ideal present for a baby shower or simply for someone close to you who has just had a baby. A rested and happy mum is the best gift you can offer!




Eliza's mum

"We have used NocnaNiania.pl’s ‘newborn manual’ service. Irreplaceable midwife Magda spent with us around 5 hours and showed us how to change, bathe and feed our newborn. Magda is an oasis of tranquility and control – her hands movements were so smooth and steady that our baby didn’t shed a single tear. Additionally, Magda answered our numerous questions. We have used tecniques she showed us until today. We also ordered a lactation consultant visit – midwife Beata is such a positive person, she helped me in a difficult moment with breastfeeding and latching the baby on. During her visit, she created a fantastic atmosphere and lots of positive energy. She answered our questions as well and showed us how to count baby’s milk portions and when to feed it. I truly recommend NocnaNiania.pl services.quot;



Sebastian's mum

"In general, the service is great, I felt comfortable leaving my son with Magda, she did a great job. She is calm and she gives substantive advices on breastfeeding."



Sofia's mum

"We have very positive feelings – midwife Nina is an engaged professional. Our Sofia felt very good around her and she sleeps significantly better now. We wish to NocnaNiania.pl good luck and hope that we have an opportunity to use your services again. In the meantime, I recommend you to my friends;)."


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