Yes! We managed to convince the best babywearing consultant in Warsaw to work with us!

“I agree that a sling can be a designer accessory, but this is not the most important thing about it. Sling or carrier is a solution, that can get the parents free hands, the baby a safe position, and additionally, a  feeling of closeness and security…”

This is how our super consultant, Aga Oleszczuk, speaks about babywearing. Now you can invite her to your home for a 2,5-hour visit, during which we will:


Essence of babywearing
Baby's development in the first 12-18 months of life
Safe baby positions in a sling or carrier


Possible sling wraps


Two or three wraps on a training doll
How to wrap your baby - we will try to position your baby in few ways or we will focus on positions you feel best in


Hot to choose a sling or carrier

Book today and enjoy moments of closeness

2-3 hour consult with transport in Warsaw area at 319 PLN


Sling and carrier babywearing consultant with advanced ClauWi® course certification. Teaches how to carry your baby in a healthy and safe manner .

Kostek’s mum – it is thanks to him that she discovered slings and carriers and learned the extraordinary power of babywearing. 

I met Aga when my baby was 2 months old. She taught me and my husband how to wrap a sling in a correct way and how to select right sling length according to one's hight. She was attentive and corrected our movements when wrapping on the spot to avoid mistakes at the end. During the whole meeting, Aga was very open, helpful, patient and happy to answer any of our questions. At first, we learned using a special training doll, later we wrapped the child. I really recommend Aga as babywearing consultant and as a person!  Full professionalism. 


I am really impressed by Aga's professionalism and teaching skills. She is a true babywearing consultant!


I very much recommend! The visit was professional and with a friendly atmosphere!:) Course of the meeting was adjusted to mum's and baby's needs. A lot of valuable tips that helped me in correct and efficient wrapping!!! One can learn a lot, not only about slings!


Wonderful meeting! Lots of good advices, expert knowledge and at the same time - warmth, calm, empathy... an ideal atmosphere to learn this wonderful skill of hugging your little one in a sling. Thank you!


Great attitude towards Baby and towards ... Mum. Thanks to Aga, babywearing became every-day reality and pleasure